healing, relationships and support

It’s a fine line between remembering past hurts and thinking others in present day are out to get you as well. So goes the healing wheel. Round and round it goes, when it stops NOBODY knows. ❤

Stones and Sticks and Words

healing, relationships and support

part three

when i log into my facebook account, etc. i often feel afraid and anxious. i think that that i am going to receive hurtful and hateful messages. this is an old thought pattern that originates from when my parents, family and “friends” regularly told me that i was awful, that no one could love me, or like me.

i started writing the first part of this essay on healing after reading a tweet and feeling triggered. as i said above, i usually find using twitter, the telephone, etc. to be hard, emotionally speaking. and so, when i read this tweet, i took it personally, as if this total stranger had written a malicious 140 character attack on me and was sharing it with thousands of other strangers, the evil fuck. there was a part of me that knew it was impossible that this person…

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