Friday Feat’s and Fails with More Than Cheese and Beer: I Suck At Being a Mom

I’m a day late for this challenge, but I’m going to participate.

More than cheese and beer

(This photo is straight from her blog page folks…I’m not stealing it so stop whispering.)

1. I love my friend over at More Than Cheese and Beer (I am poor so I can’t add hyperlinks and shit into my posts right now because I’m on the uber free addition of WP)

2. I need to unload

3. I suck at being a mom. At least to a teenager.

This is my Friday Fail:


Two weeks ago I decided that I would book a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise for late September as a graduation gift to my 17-year old son. He will be a Senior next year. At first I came up with this idea under the impression it would just be me and him. Mother and son on a boat in the middle of nowhere, stopping off at gorgeous destinations along the way and enjoying each others company. Think of it as my last ditch effort in being able to impart some “mommy” wisdom onto him about life, love and happiness. Of course I know nothing about the last two. What I failed to remember is that when I was his age, the last thing I wanted to do is go on an extended vacation with just my dad (he raised me after my mom passed before I was a year old).


Fail 1: My son informed me that he thinks it will be boring if it’s just the two of us (Go ahead and start humming or singing, your preference, the Will Smith song, “Just The Two of Us”) on vacation and he want’s to bring his best friend. His points were good about why, my anxiety attacks and lack of daredevil enthusiasm to try new and scary things for fun, (take parasailing for example…we will be on beaches mind you) would be extremely unsatisfying for him. I can totally see myself not being able to go on deck for a party until I’ve taken my requisite Klonopin and that could potentially put a damper on things for him. Who wants to sit in a stateroom with their sweaty palmed mother while she rocks back and forth whispering she’s going to pass out? Not me.


Fail 2: I said yes to the best friend coming. So that’s not a fail in itself, it’s actually a win because now my son is ecstatic. The fail comes from the fact that I am planning this cruise after his 18th birthday because the legal drinking age in the islands we will be visiting is 18. I want him to be able to enjoy this gift and I think us having a few drinks together or me staying sober while he experiences his first hangover (parents out there reading this who hate me for thinking this way…fuck off) is a good thing. I want to be there when that happens. I informed him however that his best friend who will be 18 as well will have to have a signed letter of consent from his parents saying they are aware that the boys will be around copious amounts of alcohol (Come on. It’s not an AA cruise) and that I will not be responsible for their son if anything were to happen just because I allowed him to drink while on this cruise. That my friends did not fly over well with my son at all. I don’t care. I watch enough “People’s Court” to know better. I have enough grief dealing with the stupid shit my son gets into which by the way isn’t too bad. Just normal teenage boy drama.

Fail 3: My son has forbidden me to speak to his best friends parents about “drinking”. Um no. Hahaha. that’s comical huh? My son forbidding me to do something. Does he not know where he obtained his stubbornness from? There will be NO trip with best friend along if I do not sit down with his best friends parents and have a discussion with them about what I will be allowing on this trip.


You may be saying to yourself right now, “Just don’t involve alcohol.” Yes. That certainly would be simple to do, but I’m not going on a 7-day cruise, to beautiful beaches, away from my high stress job as a nurse and NOT drink. Are you crazy? To have two teenagers who are of legal drinking age in these countries and think that they aren’t going to want to drink, let alone, try to drink, is ridiculous to say the least. I’d rather put it out on the table now and deal with it. Alcohol is happening folks. You pick your battles. Just like you picked your battles between “Teletubbies” or “Blue’s Clues” when your child was a toddler. One of the shows is going to hold the attention of your wee one whether you like it or not because dinner has to be made. Right?

In closing, while this may not be a fail, I sure feel like it. Sometimes my brain has these great plans, which the cruise as a graduation gift IS a great plan, but they don’t always turn out the way I thought they would. And why would they? Kids.

Because I’m poor and can’t upgrade WP right now, you can find my friend More Than Cheese and Beer on Facebook (just do a simple search) and participate yourself in “Fridays Feats and Fails”

Or find her at her website: (You’ll have to type that one in folks)

2 thoughts on “Friday Feat’s and Fails with More Than Cheese and Beer: I Suck At Being a Mom

    1. I see that now her website showed up lol…it usually doesn’t. Will edit! 🙂 And yes. Forbid me…bahahahaha! Thank you. I will be figuring out a time to talk to his parents. 🙂 I’m sure there will be follow up pieces on how horrifying this is for me. I’m no good at planning. AT ALL. Thank God for cruise planners from Carnival!


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