Locked Out

Beautiful 🙂

The Angrivated Mom

You’ve managed to break in, though I tried to bolt the door
Here I am broken & damaged, curled up on the cold baren floor.
The boards nailed to the frame gave way, came crashing right on down,
The clatter resounded exposing me, letting me be so easily found.
The single deadbolt was no match for the powerful strength you possess,
My fears came alive as the door flew open, aware of your trespass.
Hiding from you was all that I had ever known, until this very moment,
Begging the heavens every day to hear my pleas for grace & atonement.
But, alas, you pursued endlessly, ignoring all of my coiled meekness,
Striking the first chance you saw, just waiting for a glimpse of weakness.
Inside you reek havoc upon my home, the only safe place I had left to go.
Laughing in my face, mockingly, at the reality I…

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