“Hey you kid!”

babySeveral years ago when I was in nursing school I endured a week of what was the second most horrible clinical experience ever.

No nobody died, nobody coded, nobody spewed body fluids on me either. I was doing my Pediatric rotation in the hospital and a daycare. Winner for the worst week? Maternity/OB.

I swore on my life that if God and my instructors got me out alive from the snot flinging, hideously crying, filthy little spawn that were not my own, I would keep my cool, not yell and never work pediatrics because I HATED it.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved my son, still do occasionally, but didn’t like very many other kids. I couldn’t yell at them. I couldn’t tell them “No” in my own special way. You know what I’m talking about. I had to endure hours of children’s songs, running around a playground pretending I was having fun especially when other adults were looking. When they weren’t I spent my time sulking looking at the clock waiting for the day to be over.

Strangely I passed both horrible classes with an A and graduated third in my class. I guess God heard my prayers.

Fast forward seven years and a friend who worked in a home health office called me when I was working at the time for an agency. I was barely making ends meet and was doing everything possible to not go back to taking six patients for 12 hrs in the hospital.

Hey, you looking for a night job?


Great go to this website, fill out the application and you’re guaranteed to get hired. They’ll love you. Oh and the pays great.

So I did it, had an interview right away, negotiated my pay and then the bomb dropped. It was pediatrics. I swear I heard the voice of God say, “YOU PROMISED!”

How in the hell had I managed to let this crucial information pass by me?! I mean really? How do you apply for a job on a website, go into an office with pictures of smiling children on the walls, spend three hours interviewing and filling out paperwork and not know this shit?

I took the job. I’d deal with God and my fake promises later.

One year later though God had dealt with me on His own. And to be honest, it’s not too damn bad. Actually, I love it. I think I’ve finally found my niche in nursing. I can’t believe it. Every night I go into work I can’t help but be happy. Baby T makes me so happy that it almost makes me sick! This little girl has taught me humility, love, kindness and the ability to see past my own burdens. If I ever thought I couldn’t be someone or do something great before now, well there is no denying it ever again. She refuses to let me.

She’s not my first pediatric patient though and as it goes with sick children on 24 hr care, she won’t be my last.

Little C was my first. She passed away shortly before Thanksgiving last year. Her story is for another post, another day. Between her and T though? All is right with the world for at least 12 hours a night, three nights a week.

4 thoughts on ““Hey you kid!”

  1. The nurses in the children’s wing of the hospital are AMAZING! We spent so much time there while my son battled childhood Leukemia. I can’t even imagine going through all that without those nurses. Bless you! So glad you found your calling. Some of those kids are just hard NOT to love ❤ And it is always so sad when one of them loses the fight. We were so incredibly blessed. My son is now 15 and cancer free. Just passed our 10 year in remission mark. Praise God! 🙂


    1. Amen ❤ I'm so happy to hear about your son! You're right. I almost feel guilty for how miserable I was back then but hey, in it's own time. I obviously wasn't ready. Maternity/ OB? Still the worst week ever. I fear it will always be 🙂


  2. God has both a sense of humor and wisdom beyond our understanding. So glad your job brings you such joy. Thank you for sharing it and writing it so well. Warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.


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