Why the Fountain of Youth Should Dry Up

Fountain of youthThe other day I had a sick visit to the doctor. One of the issues we discussed was my blood pressure.

My normal when I first started being treated for it was the 170’s over 110’s. Then after meds for a year and half, now I’m finally getting it down into the 140’s over 90’s.

Smoking and being a bigger woman doesn’t help, but hey I’m down 14 pounds since April 30, 2014 so that’s good right?

My doctor and I were discussing that the new guidelines have come out on what was the norm for blood pressures. At least what the American Heart Association deems “OK”.

If I remember correctly, before I started nursing school it was 110/70. Then during nursing school, 120/80. The last number is what has stuck with me. What do I know though? Yes I am a nurse, but the thing is the sheer amount of information and numbers for various things medical related are changing daily. I try to keep up. Actually I have to. Like I said, I’m trying.

My doctor said, “If I can get you into the 140’s over 80’s I’ll be happy. Oh by the way, did you see that they increased the new blood pressure guidelines?”

(Sometimes I just want to be the patient but in this instance I knew she had something interesting to say.)

Her thoughts? The government is trying to kill off the sick people sooner rather than later. When I type it, it sounds like a conspiracy theory. Hey, maybe it is, but to hear her speak about it, it doesn’t.

It makes sense in my opinion. What little I do know, because I try not to get into politics, religion or conspiracy theories, which actually it seems I’m doing just that right now with this post, but I do see where she’s coming from.

A patient of hers with extreme COPD came to see her recently and was asking about stem cell research. She agreed, that yes, it WORKS! We’ve proven that. How long though has it been since we’ve heard a big uproar on the stem cell movement? A long while. You know why? People will live longer.

It’s known in the health insurance world especially with smaller companies that are now able to insure a lower amount of employees, the premiums are higher. Why? You’re paying for the sick people you work with. No disrespect to them, hell I’m one of “them”. It’s why I self pay for everything. Insurance sucks.

Facilities and doctors want to get paid and in order for that to happen you have to pay out the ass for premiums. That cute little coworker in the mailroom who you love to see every morning with your important business mail? She eats the hell out of ice cream, doesn’t check her blood sugar yet has Type 2 Diabetes. You’re paying for her. And that’s OK! Like I said you’re paying for me. So think on that.

The next little gem I stumbled upon was an article from Medscape I received via email. (I told you I try to keep up.)

It was a study done by someone somewhere, that said fist bumping spread less germs than handshakes or high fives. Sigh. Really?

Ok it makes sense.

Really though, I’m from the era where parent’s took their kids to chicken pox sleep overs. Oh little Mary has chicken pox? Well hell lets get everyone on the block over there so we can get this shit over with!

I do have to say here that I am an immunization nurse therefor I do advocate for childhood immunization. Jenny McCarthy and her bullshit Autism claim that she finally came out and declared was false, doesn’t mean a thing to me. They work.

What happened to spreading germs? Cooties aren’t that bad. For a five year old he/she thinks they are, but in real life they are good. Good people! It’s what strengthens our immune systems. Being exposed to non-life threatening germs is good. Now we know having the chicken pox when you were younger puts you at risk for shingles but still…germs are good.

I have a sister who refuses antibiotics unless she feels like she’s crawling through the gates of hell during an illness. The reason? Allowing her body to fight the illness builds up her own immune system. Me? I’m the first one in line for a Z-pack when I get bronchitis. I’m a puss.

The point of the article ended up being, which I’m sadly disappointed, that we should all start fist bumping because it’s more sanitary and President Obama and the Dalai Lama have been caught doing it. Like the Hansons. We should all “oom bop” because it’s cool.

Dahli Llama fist bumpObama fist bumping

We weren’t meant to live forever. We were before the socialites of the Garden of Eden, but not now.

Not ever.

Am I saying lets kill everyone off? Nope. I am saying to wake up and start paying attention. Conspiracy Theory? Maybe. You decide.

By the way, I just got an subliminal message from the ghost of Ponce De Leon. Get out of the water.

(Disclaimer: None of the above is meant to be used as medical advice. I am a nurse but you should always seek professional help from your doctor or medical examiner. Also…I Googled all images. I’m not taking credit. Pfffft.)

5 thoughts on “Why the Fountain of Youth Should Dry Up

      1. I’m not sure I disagree or agree, however, I have heard this before and find it very interesting. I mean Its weird to think about, but I have heard about cures for cancer being disclosed by the government for unknown reasons. This post was definitely some food for thought.


  1. I remember when “chicken pox parties” were totally the thing to do! That is how I got it as a kid! The neighbor girl got it and ALL the kids in the neighborhood were sent on over to “get it over with” LOL. Ah. Those were the times. Now kids get a vaccine. (One that only works 50% of the time, btw. I know because my son was vaccinated and yet, when diagnosed with cancer, his immunity was checked and he had none. Then the doctors told me that little secret. More conspiracy theories?…nope. Truth.)

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